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Africa Quilt – Giraffe

The Africa Quilt designed by Pauline at PU, has the Pascoe Patchers up to their ‘necks’ in fusible web as the third block is appliquéd down onto their backgrounds.

Julie's giraffe with hand embellished manes.

Julie’s giraffe with hand embellished manes.

Betty's Giraffe using no-sew applique

Betty’s Giraffe using no-sew applique

Karin's giraffe with traced shapes ...

Karin’s giraffe with traced shapes …

RobynsPatch giraffe has eyes yet to be appliquéd.

RobynsPatch giraffe has eyes yet to be appliquéd and embellishment.

This time, with such tiny pieces, permanent fusible is being used as a technique instead of blanket stitch appliqué.

Wonder what the next animal will be…




Africa Quilt – Lion

The Africa Quilt designed by Pauline at PU, has the Pascoe Patchers up to their ‘manes’ in fusible web as the second block is appliquéd down onto their backgrounds.

Africa Quilt - Lion

Betty H’s Lion

Africa Quilt - Lion

Julie A’s Lion

Africa Quilt - Lion

Sue C’s punk Lion is awaiting his earing ….

Africa Quilt - Lion

RobynsPatch Lion

Some are yet to be stitched down with machine blanket stitch – that’s yet more hours of work as the mane is intricate.


Africa Quilt – Zebra

Creativity abound’s in the fingertips of patchworker Pauline. This year her major quilt design has a theme of ‘Africa’, and in particular the iconic animals of the continent.

This block a month course began with a ‘Grant’s Zebra’. Pauline has researched interesting facts that help us with understanding the pattern when we appliqué.

And the results so far are …..

Sue Cz

Sue C’s going all out with alternative colours …

Julie Az

Julie A’s zebra …


Dianne’s zebra …

Betty Hz

Betty H’s zebra is keeping it’s eye on you …

Robyn Rz

and the RobynsPatch zebra ….

‘Crooked Path’ – ’tis finished!

Time to get back to what’s been happening with the ‘Crooked Path’ table runner. It took some time to get used to the Westalee template and ruler foot, as I found it easier to do them a few at a time, and not be ambitious in ‘getting it all done now!’ I improved over time, gradually getting the hang of it, and can see how it fits in between using a walking foot and free motion quilting.

Crooked Path

Completed quilting with the Westalee ruler foot ‘Spin-e-fex’ motif.

I needed to unpick a few of the ‘petals’ that had got ‘squished’, and a couple of the inner circles (that are formed as the template turns around on the pin), as they were more like mountains and valleys. With persistence each square patch had the pattern quilted on it. However a few of the circles were still a bit wobbly, which I would notice but others may not – and I was over the unpicking, so what to do? Simple, appliqué a circle over the centre of each square! After all it does look like a ‘flower’.

Crooked Path

Centre circles – colour choices.

After auditioning fabrics from the stash, it came down to only a couple of pieces. The strong pattern of the squares, along with the yellow background and contrasting red, clashed with so many choices. So these were it. Next was what sizes and which colour to put where – and another day went by.

Crooked Path

Inner circles glued down ready for appliqué

‘Roxanne Glue Baste It’ kept the circles in place until I had time to start the appliqué. I chose to use a matching thread and a narrow zig zag on the Bernina 801.

Crooked Path

‘Crooked Path’ appliquéd centres.

An unexpected effect was that the circles tended to ‘puff’ up – possibly due to all the quilting underneath them, flattening the lower layers.

Crooked Path

Crooked Path

Well, ‘Crooked Path’ began as a pattern for International Quilt Day (seen by chance while wandering the web), and ended up as a gift for a special lady. I’ve enjoyed making this table runner, juggling the choices along the way. And it’s sooooo good, knowing that I’ve actually finished something – and on time – instead of it going into the bottomless pit of ‘UFO’s’!

I hope you too are joining me in this slow journey, and stitching to ‘get it finished’!