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January Mystery Quilt – Colours

Do you thinks these colours will work?

By pulling out the colours from the main Kaffe Fassett border fabric, and using Joen Wolfrom’s colour wheel, this is the result.

My eye went straight to magenta, then green, as the two main colours. They are supposed to be medium strength colour, but I haven’t been able to find enough in the green fabrics (yet!), a couple may be a tad bit too dark. Magenta fabrics were easier to find, but the most difficult to locate was the violet fabrics – perhaps more will come onto the market now that Pantone have named ‘Ultraviolet’ as their colour of the year.

Fabric selection – so far – for the January Mystery Quilt.

If I can’t find any other fabrics for this quilt, these will have to do. I hope they work! What do you think?


Mystery Quilt January 2018

Have you had a go at a ‘Mystery Quilt’?

Our group of ‘Pascoe Patcher’s’ get together a couple of times a year for friendship and fun. Our tutor, Pauline, drafts up a quilt and then gives out guidelines. This includes a list of suggested fabrics and pre-cutting requirements.

The January Mystery Quilt requirements now includes samples of her chosen fabrics to help us select our own colour choices. Yikes! Pauline has chosen fabrics in a three colour scheme of orange / green / purple against a suggested white background. So here comes the first Challenge – to find 3 colours that sit well together and with contrast.

A clue! In the requirements is a border fabric – and it contains all three colours! So that’s where I start, by finding somewhere in the stash a multicoloured fabric as the base for the colour scheme – or in a Patchwork shop – but let’s get real here, do I really need an excuse to go to one of those! Oh, and do I have enough of it in the stash?

So here goes, this is the border fabric. Gerry is reserving judgement on this Kaffe Fassett  fabric – it’s very busy and has a strong dominant impact. Now to select the colour scheme!





At the Guild: Until… when?

At the P’s & Q’s Guild, there were the beginnings of an underground movement, muttered words included ‘finish, UFO, never done Show & Tell before’, which became a common theme.

Here’s me thinking I had a corner of the ‘this year I’m going to …’, instead I’m becoming a groupie!

My ‘no matter how small or large, old or new’ improving my UFO finish rate and not starting anything new (unless something was already in my stash- that’s the quilter’s out clause!), was quickly old hat – at least until my resolve was challenged by a “I’ll give you until June!”

Yay! Another UFO done, but DH sprukes ‘When it’s finished, find somewhere else for it – not here.

'Checkerboard Blues' by RobynsPatch

‘Checkerboard Blues’ by RobynsPatch

This UFO was an ‘ugly’ piece of fabric where I experimented with fussy ‘kaleidoscope’ piecing, whilst at an early step along the patchwork path. The fabric background had a checkerboard pattern – that does not line up when rejoined, so a bit of appliqué helped cover some of it over. All that needed doing was the binding. So another ‘sunscreen’ quilt for the car!

Meanwhile amongst the PP’s

Pascoe Patchers

Yummy Banana and Blueberry cake Sue C brought to share with PP’s.

Sue L was knot happy!

Sue L was knot happy!

Pauline now has time to hand piece!

Pauline now has time to hand piece!

Carolyn's expertise with silk thread showed as she added to her cross stitch with subtlety shaded silk thread.

Carolyn’s expertise showed as she added to her cross stitch with subtlety shaded silk thread.

Sue C - our stitchery expert - shows how it's done with another completed block.

Sue C – our stitchery expert – shows how it’s done with another completed block.

And I’m still working on that UFO … ‘Affairs of the Heart’, adding the embroidery while at Guild meetings – and no, it will not get finished this year!

Another of the blocks of the 'Affairs of the Heart' quilt stitched by RobynsPatch

Another of the blocks of the ‘Affairs of the Heart’ quilt stitched by RobynsPatch

But that’s another story.

Happy stitching …


PatchProjects: 10 Ways to get them done!

When it came time for New Year’s resolutions, Dear friend  and Pascoe Patcher – KB -said

“Don’t do the New Year resolutions thing BUT I say that THIS year I will clean up the sewing room! If I don’t there will be no sewing!”

Well that made me wonder about my own pile of patchwork projects and how to tackle them for 2017.

Dr Seuss

With so many UFO’s lurking in plastic tubs on shelves in the house and in his shed, it’s where to start that’s got me thinking.

How to tackle the pile of patchwork projects? Which direction to choose?

1. Deadline: If there is a family event or a Guild Exhibition coming up?

2. Mood: What do you feel like doing right now?

3. Time: How much discretionary time is available right now?

4. Technique: Are the speciality rulers, tools, or threads close at hand?

5. Machines: Is the sewing machine set up for piecing or quilting?

6. Space: Is the dining room table free at the moment?

7. Schedule: Have you set up self-disciplined plans or goals?

8. Classes: Is it for a class or a friendship group?

9. Supplies: Is there enough fabric to finish it?

10. Procrastinate: Too many choices, just give up and go and clean the bathroom instead?

Well for 2017, I’ve chosen Schedule. My plan is to not start anything new  – that I don’t already have planned or a bit of in the stash – and a goal is to improve my UFO finish rate, no matter how big or small the projects are. DH added, “… and then find a home for them – somewhere else!” Oh dear, methinks that’s a reflection on the tubs of UFO’s on the shelves in his shed.

How do you decide to tackle your pile of patchwork projects?