Australian Quilt Awards

Rajah Award

This is named after the historical quilt, The Rajah Quilt, which was made by female convicts on the ship ‘Rajah’, as they were transported from England to Van Dieman’s Land (now called Tasmania), in 1841. Follow the link to learn more about the significance of this appliquéd coverlet, for it’s relevance to presenting the award, in recognition of the ‘outstanding contribution to quilting in Australia’.

Rajah Quilt

‘Rajah Quilt’ courtesy of National Gallery of Australia.

“A Decade: People, Places, and Projects”

This quilt by Deb Layt (2014), is a tribute to the first decade of winners of this prestigious award. She has incorporated her ‘GeoWeb’ machine quilting technique and photo transfer printing, along with class sample pieces for this unique wall hanging.

Deb Layt

‘A Decade: People, Places and Projects’ by Deb Layt


2015 Di Ford Hall

2014 Michelle Hill


Deb Layt

Mary Hitchens, Judy Hooworth, Jenny Bowker

2013 Jenny Bowker

2012 Judy Hooworth

2011 Mary Hitchens

Deb Layt

Faye Cunningham, Gloria Loughman, Barbara Macey

2010 Barbara Macey

2009 Gloria Loughman

2008 Faye Cunningham

Deb Layt

Narelle Grieve, Margaret Rolfe, Leesa Siegele

2007 Lessa Siegele

2006 Margaret Rolfe

2005 Narelle Grieve

With thanks to Deb for her kind permission to use her quilt with this post.


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