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How do we celebrate our amazing quilters?

I came across an article about Sue (Gruber) Poser, being awarded the 2015 Quilter of the Year for Minnesota Quilters Inc., and it started me wondering about how patchworkers recognise the inspirational leaders of their craft.


An individual’s work is shared at local guild, State, or National exhibitions. Work can be recognised by a Viewer’s Choice, or judged entry. Sometimes an award is made in honour of a past member.

A solo exhibition can highlight the body of work by an outstanding quilter, at an exhibition, or in an art gallery, or museum.

However, being named ‘Quilter of the Year’ is aligned to the person, not an item, and this celebrates both their work and their contribution to the craft.

Does your State or local guild celebrate a member? Annually, or biannually? Is  common criteria used and shared between guilds?

Read the full newspaper article here, or visit the website for ‘Gruber’s Quilt Shop’ here.

photo credit: Letterpress Hero via photopin (license)