Those pesky WIP’s & UFO’s just keep piling up!

I wonder if you are that quilter? The one who keeps starting new projects, as a piece of fabric practically jumps out and says ‘You must have me – I’m just what you’re looking for!’

Or maybe it’s a new gadget that drags you closer until it has you salivating so much, that before you know it it’s in the bag, and on the way home – probably to be used once or twice!

It might be seeing a ‘Wow’ quilt that has you standing in front of it at a quilt show, mesmerised and fascinated by the colours, technique, or gaspingly gorgeous quirky layout!

If you answered yes to any of the above, you can join the race of ‘She who has the biggest pile wins!’

Well, at least I try to finish stuff – just have about 50*** plus on the go at the same time, so might be a while before any of them see a sewn down binding anywhere in the near future. Never mind – someone has to keep the quilting business going!