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‘Pink Peptides’

Naming quilts seems to be a quirky business. Often patchwork quilters give their quilts sssa title by:

  • naming them after a family member
  • naming them after a pet
  • using the name of a traditional block with a colour
  • using a favourite location
  • a reminder of the past
  • connecting with nature
  • putting a pin in a dictionary …
  • keeping a list and ticking them off when used

The title of this quilt came about because DH was watching the science based ABC television program ‘Catalyst’. The segment based around ‘Plant based medicines’ illustrated the difference between normal and circular peptides. In his view the open ends of the zig-zag in the pattern reminded him of the peptides!

Pink Peptides

‘Pink Peptides’

This quilt is from the January ‘Mystery Quilt’ class at PU. As other PP’s compete their tops, I’ll post them here. It will be interesting to see how their quilts turn out with their choice of colours. I wonder how my PP’s and others name their quilts?