Manx Quilting


Seems that 2019 heralded a resurgence of the method using updated approaches due to Amy Smart ‘Diary of a Quilter’

Websites and blogs

Pepper Cory’s blog post with the history and explanation. See her demo and talk in ‘The Quilt Show’ link below.

Need to be a subscriber to The Quilt Show to view – however this is an excellent tutorial from 2012.

This is the link I began with, it was from a ‘Cutting Cloth’ emailed newsletter. (As their website does not have a ‘search’ function, nor a blog, the information gets lost if you don’t keep their email.)

Isle of Man imuseum – after research & email contact, was sent this link.

A collection of images on Pinterest.

A Pinterest board – ‘Log Cabin quilts: Manx quilting’


Diary of a Quilter’s visit to Isle of Mann where she saw a demo and explanation. This is also in her above blog post.

A long demonstration using some current additions, eg starch.

XLN Fabrics: a demonstration of machine sewing a folded log cabin block.

Part 4 in a series of videos explaining a machine sewn folded log cabin block. Gives an overview of adaptation of a 10” block with padded and enlarged fussy cut centre.


Donna Poster’s ‘Foldy Stuff’ foundation machine pieced versions. Transfer patterns available at


American Quilter: May 2021. 

This has a 9 page copy of the ‘Diary of a Quilter’ Manx quilting blogpost – as listed above.


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