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Lucy and wash-away …


I’ve been through a significant phase of loving Lucy Boston’s ‘Patchwork of the Cross’, which I think began my adventures in fussy-cutting holes in fabric! I’d read and loved her ‘Greenknowe’ series of books as a child, but at that time didn’t have a clue about her patchwork. Such a talented lady now much admired for her handwork, and if you’re interested, have a look at my Pinterest collection of ‘Patchwork of the Cross’ from patchworkers around the world.

Using a few fat quarters that caught my eye to experiment with, there are now a couple of table runners in the collection. Lisa at ‘Sunset Seams’ made acrylic templates in 1.5″ size – as I prefered both a larger size than the standard 1″ and to hand-piece at that time – another phase on the journey! (Have you been through this phase too?)

This one has sat around unquilted just waiting for the right time – and so it seems that’s now! Also in the cupboard is some of ‘Matilda’s Own Aqua Web’ ready for playtime. Saw this used – way back when – for quilting and pulled it out to have a go. What design to use on the block reminded me that’s exactly why it’s been waiting so long. So bit the bullet, and drew on paper a ‘feather’, then flipped and traced it onto the Aqua Web, placed the web on the block and started stitching.

This is not a tearaway, where you have to pick out bits from under stitches, this is a wash-away, so into the washing machine it went (along with a colour catcher just in case). A bit of a nervous wait until it came out – but it worked!


So that’s another one done and dusted – plenty more in the pile, it’s a case of which one pushes and juggles it’s way to the top. How’s your pile doing – any dints in it yet?



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