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Amazing ‘kasuri’ quilts by Shigeko Asada

Japanese quilting

Close up of sashiko stitching by Shikego Asada.

‘Yes, you are allowed to touch them, and yes, you are allowed to photograph them’, said the Red Cross ladies.

Japanese quilting

‘Memories of Childhood’ by Shikedo Asada.

How gobsmacked were the hundreds of visitors at the exhibition to be able to handle the worn and battered indigo ‘kasuri’ quilts. Usually ‘Quilt Angels’ in white gloves  monitor the movement of the public to prevent any ‘touching’. There were no ‘Please do not touch’ signs at this event – it was heartwarming to be encouraged to feel this tactile art form. After all, that’s what a quilt is made for – to wrap around you, to hold, to comfort and keep warm!

Japanese quilting

‘Playing with indigo dyed cloth’ by Shigeko Asada.

Lovingly made entirely by hand and embellished with sashiko stitching, it was indeed  wonderful to experience this unique exhibition, as the quilts were only in Australia for three days.

Japanese quilting

‘Stencil dyeing’, a patchwork ankle-length kimono by Shigeko Asada.

Millrose Cottage hosted the exhibition of 29 works by Japanese quilter Shigeko Asada on March 20th – 22nd, in Ballan, Victoria.

Japanese quilting

A close up of sashimi stitching by Shigeko Asada.

Although this small collection of photos is not the same as seeing all the quilts in person, they do give an insight into this remarkable woman’s lifetime passion for recycling traditional indigo cloth into works of art.

Japanese quilting

detail of ‘Warrior banners’ by Shigeko Asada.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this small glimpse of ‘eye-candy’ Japanese sashiko quilting!

Japanese quilting

‘The Heart Sutra’ by Shigeko Asada.

Does sashiko quilting appeals to you?