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Join the Journey – 02

I wanted to make a pieced quilt, and quilt it using rulers, in particular with the Westalee quilting rulers – on a domestic sewing machine! Leonie West is inspiring with her passion for the possibilities of her latest creations, and the YouTube videos are so encouraging, it became obvious I just had to do it. After successfully using the Westalee rulers on smaller projects, this would be a welcome step on my personal adventures with quilting.

As a teacher, it was natural to think ‘why not see if other patch workers would also come along and learn. Hence, ‘Join the Journey’ came into fruition.


Africa Quilt – Zebra

Creativity abound’s in the fingertips of patchworker Pauline. This year her major quilt design has a theme of ‘Africa’, and in particular the iconic animals of the continent.

This block a month course began with a ‘Grant’s Zebra’. Pauline has researched interesting facts that help us with understanding the pattern when we appliqué.

And the results so far are …..

Sue Cz

Sue C’s going all out with alternative colours …

Julie Az

Julie A’s zebra …


Dianne’s zebra …

Betty Hz

Betty H’s zebra is keeping it’s eye on you …

Robyn Rz

and the RobynsPatch zebra ….

Printed Patchwork Quotes

Patchwork quotes

Patchwork quotes

New Year’s Day was spent travelling around the ‘Victorian Goldfields’ area north of Ballarat with DH and DML. Of course it was ‘BOLO’ for any patchwork shops! Even though it was a public holiday – in the tourist town of Malden, the lovely shop The Village Patch was open, and what a delight it was! In the small entry way, hanging on the wall were two small quilts made up of little printed patchwork quotes. The simple on-point setting with a neutral fabric made a feature of the printed text. Perfect for a small quilted gift for a patchwork buddy!