About RobynsPatch

Never Say Never!

Welcome to my blog where I hope to share my enjoyment of patchwork and quilting. My name is Robyn, I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I’ve been a patchworker for several years.

Like many of the uninitiated, I could never see the point in cutting up perfectly good material into tiny bits only to sew it back together again! This was until DS-in-L – who keeps telling me ‘Never Say Never’ – walked me into a shop where I became hooked by the array of bright coloured fabric.

Down the track there have been quilts made and gifted to family and friends, but it seems I have a weakness for UFO’s. No, not flying saucers, just ‘unfinished objects’.

My quilts tend to be non-traditional, eclectic, and influenced by a wide variety of techniques and styles taught by local and international tutors.

I’ve never entered a national quilt show but have won awards locally. My contribution back into the world of patchwork has been to serve in several positions in local quilt guilds.

My aim of this blog is to share a journey as I work through current projects and some of those ‘UFO’s’.

But where to start – that’s the problem, are you like me with lots of UFO’s? How do you tackle it?

One response to “About RobynsPatch

  1. A National quilt show is on my bucket list too!
    I love your cast and crew list! Following happily!
    Thanks for visiting Addicted2Fabric!


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