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PP: The ‘Village’

What’s happening in the ‘Village’ this month?  Julie is powering on adding homesteads to her ‘Australiana’ theme. She has cleverly sewn a line across the lower edge of the panel, to show where the bottom of the appliqué is meant to sit, for later on where it joins the sashing strip.

Julie 02

Angela has decided to see how it goes by reducing the pattern to 75%, and try a ‘spooky’ theme. The ‘houses’ are going to be hand appliquéd using her own templates.

Angela 01

As for me, I’ve decided toy stick with the original background, add the trees on the horizon, and then have another think about the houses.

Robyn 02

This is going to be a slow quilt to make. There are over 30 houses to appliqué, and if one house is completed each month – that makes it a three year project! So,  let’s see how far I get between now and next month…..


‘Floating Duo’

Another very easy to construct table runner is finished! The rich fabric pattern is set simply against a navy background, but what gives it a bit of a zing is the bright green binding. Quilting was a breeze, two lines in the background from end to end making a shape around the small patches. What I learnt with this project, was about quilt labels. In the Victorian Quilters handbook, there is a suggestion as to where to put labels on the back of a quilt. Apparently they go on the bottom left hand corner as you stand and face the back of the quilt. So from now on, that’s where the labels will go!

'Floating Duo'

‘Floating Duo’

Where do you put your quilt labels?