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A Patch of Dreams

It’s fascinating and fabulous what patchworkers choose as their palette when interpreting their own version of a pattern. When teaching ‘A Patch of Dreams’ table runner as a class at PU, individual colour preferences made each product unique.

Heather's 'Patch of Dreams'

Heather’s vibrant flames come from her amazing stash!

Dianne's 'Patch of Dreams'

Dianne’s ‘all things Paris’ fabric, is soft and calming.

Karin's 'Patch of Dreams'

Karin intends extending this into two panels for a single bed quilt.

Tracey's 'Patch of Dreams'

Tracey will add borders to her double pattern and use it for a wall hanging.

… and the original pattern before quilting.

RobynsPatch 'A Patch of Dreams'

RobynsPatch ‘A Patch of Dreams’


Africa Quilt – Giraffe

The Africa Quilt designed by Pauline at PU, has the Pascoe Patchers up to their ‘necks’ in fusible web as the third block is appliquéd down onto their backgrounds.

Julie's giraffe with hand embellished manes.

Julie’s giraffe with hand embellished manes.

Betty's Giraffe using no-sew applique

Betty’s Giraffe using no-sew applique

Karin's giraffe with traced shapes ...

Karin’s giraffe with traced shapes …

RobynsPatch giraffe has eyes yet to be appliquéd.

RobynsPatch giraffe has eyes yet to be appliquéd and embellishment.

This time, with such tiny pieces, permanent fusible is being used as a technique instead of blanket stitch appliqué.

Wonder what the next animal will be…




Africa Quilt – Lion

The Africa Quilt designed by Pauline at PU, has the Pascoe Patchers up to their ‘manes’ in fusible web as the second block is appliquéd down onto their backgrounds.

Africa Quilt - Lion

Betty H’s Lion

Africa Quilt - Lion

Julie A’s Lion

Africa Quilt - Lion

Sue C’s punk Lion is awaiting his earing ….

Africa Quilt - Lion

RobynsPatch Lion

Some are yet to be stitched down with machine blanket stitch – that’s yet more hours of work as the mane is intricate.


Destination Cape York – Off they go!

Dear Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Law, are undertaking a journey by car and caravan, of over 3585.5 km (2,228 miles) from Geelong in Victoria, to the tip of Cape York (in Australia). And that doesn’t include all the side trips or getting back again!

Geelong to Cape York

Geelong to Cape York

Australia is a land of extremes, and right now the effects of an El Nino is producing severe drought across vast areas of the country. There’s no feed in some places and farmers are selling off the last of their stock. In  Cobar, slap bang in the middle of New South Wales, the trip had it’s first encounter with the vagaries of Australian weather. Attempting a u-turn after making a wrong turn, and not realising the area had just had 4 inches of rain, (and yes it’s still classified as being in drought), the services of a local farmer were needed to pull the vehicles out – which were way up to the axles in mud.

Tractor pull!

Mud at Cobar, in the middle of a drought!

Mud up to the axle.

Mud up to the axle.










Even though this is a long journey in distance, it’s a small world, as the farmer knew someone who lives just around the corner back in Geelong! A fact that supports Frigyes Karinthy’s 1929 theory, ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ – you just never know who you’re going to meet, or what connection they have back to you.

While all this was happening, what can you do but pull out the sewing machine in the caravan, and make some placemats! As fellow ‘Pascoe Patchers’ know, orange is DS-in-L’s favourite colour and it’s not far off matching the mud!

Placemats for the caravan.

Placemats for the caravan.







Hope you enjoy reading about this ‘trip of a lifetime’ that many Australians undertake. I hope DS & DB-in-Law are discovering the beauty of the land as described by Dorothea Mackellar  in her historic poem ‘My Country’ – I love a sunburnt country/A land of sweeping plains,/Of ragged mountain ranges,/Of droughts and flooding rains.” …