Baby’s on its way…

Yikes! The Baby Shower is only a couple of weeks away and ‘it’s’ not finished! Thank goodness second hand books do not go astray, somehow they always find a loving home where they hang around just biding their time, waiting patiently to be of use again.

This one came my way from a dear friend. A bit of bedside page turning found just the pattern for the baby quilt. Never one to pass up a quick trip to get more fabric – ’cause there wasn’t much suitable in the stash of course – and a selection was made.

A simple pattern and easy cutting, lots of squares, and then playing around laying out the fabrics to get them flowing in the right direction.

Question is … will it get done in time?

One response to “Baby’s on its way…

  1. Sheryl Hamilton

    Can I sew it for you?