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Join the Journey – 01

watermarked(2018-01-02-1224)Meet Gerry!


’G’day! Happy New Year, and nice to meet you. I’ve just arrived here – been recently adopted into RobynsPatch and I’m finding my way around and settling in. From what I can see so far, it’s a bit slack, not much going on at all. Think I’ll have to do something about that otherwise it could get very lonely here. So I’ve put on my stern look, wagged a paw and done the hard stare!

So what am I sitting on, you ask! Well it’s a block. No not chocolate – although I’m led to believe there’s a penchant for some of that stuff around here – it seems to be a patchwork block of some sort.

When I’ve sussed it out a bit, I’ll get back to you on what it’s supposed to be. Time to have a poke around and get things happening!

See ya later!