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‘Crooked Path’: Spin-e-fex quilting

Quilt marking

Frixion pen for quilt marking

I use the ‘Frixion’ pens for making marks to guide any quilting. So far, through testing, I’ve found that the best colour for the majority of fabrics is the green pen. Any of these pens will still leave a ‘ghost’ line after ironing out, so always test them out on a scrap of the fabric to see if will be feint or too noticeable. When any stitching is directly on the line, the ‘ghost’ line will not show at all.

Westalee Adjustment Guide

Adjustment guide for ruler foot

With the ‘Westalee Ruler Foot’ on the Bernina 801 sewing machine, the ‘adjustment’ guide positions the foot distance above the quilt. This needs to be done for each quilt, as the thickness of the wadding used will vary according to the type chosen  in the quilt sandwich.

Spin-e-fex template

Spin-e-fex template pinned in place

The drawing pin and disk hold the template in place, and the template lines align with the marked lines on the quilt top. For this one, I chose to draw the lines in the centre of the block instead of around the outside edge of the block. Another tip – use a large thick pin to prepare the hole for the drawing pin from the top of the quilt. I found that pushing the drawing pin from underneath pushed up a little ‘plug’ of wadding. As this is the first time I’ve used this method, it could be the type of wadding.

Quilting around the template

Quilting around the template

This was not as easy as it looked! Stitching around the edge of the template was okay, but coordinating the clockwise movement of the template, the quilt, and stitching – all at the same time, took some ‘learning’ and initially lots of ‘reverse sewing’!

Completed Spin-e-fex

Completed Spin-e-fex

The inner circle formed as the ‘Spin-e-fex’ takes shape had mountains and valleys instead of a line. Although it took time to set up each block, it was satisfying to do and I could see improvement as I quilted more blocks.

I’ve decided to leave them as is, and think about what to do next.


‘Crooked Path’

So. what did you sew for ‘(Inter)National Quilt Day’? My fabrics for the 2015 pattern – Crooked Path – have been cut, sorted, sewn together and layered with wadding and backing.

CP 02

Next comes the quilting and I thought I’d try the new ‘Westalee’ ruler foot and templates for domestic machine quilting. It took time to get the shank required for my Mum’s old Bernina – an 801 – that I just love using. The ‘Westalee’ foot requires either a low or high shank according to what type of machine you are going to use. Information about this is on their website.

CP 04

The foot is quite large and thick so that it sits snuggly inside the ruler shape. For my first go I am choosing the ‘Spin-e-Fex’ #4, 3 1/2″ ruler, which comes in the Sampler Template Set 1.

CP 03

I’ll let you know how I go!


‘Alpine Meadows’

It’s ‘Table Runner’ time again! This month the PP’s are creating a runner with a block frequently used to make trees or mountains.

This time, Sue has chosen a modern blue print that positively pops …


Marcia has picked a berry red … with some good-natured reverse sewing that kept us in stitches!

Marcia's feature block

Pam chose a focus of sunny yellow … just in time for her move to a warmer place beside a river …

Pam's hot stuff!

Dianne also had a red theme …with alternating direction of the background stripe …

Dianne's sedate contrast

Heather’s vibrant colours ripple and zing …


and I chose some stash fabric that has a ‘ Christmassy’ look…


Now to put the blocks together and quilt it. Anyone know the various titles of this block?

Thanks for taking the time to read this post


What will you be Quilting on March 21?

March 21st (2015) is ‘National Quilting Day’, first begun by ‘The National Quilting Association, Inc.,’ in 1992, which has’ grown into a global celebration for all quilt makers and quilt lovers.’

National Quilters

The third Saturday in March every year unites quilters and ‘gives recognition to the special art form’.

How will you be celebrating ‘(Inter)National Quilt Day’? Will you be making this year’s project “Crooked Path’ by Denniele Bohannon?

Crooked Path

I’ve picked some small pieces of stash fabrics, to make a small ‘Crooked Path’, table runner for a special lady in my life – DML. Check back later to see how it turns out.

Fabrics for 'Crooked Path'

Fabrics for ‘Crooked Path’

So , how will you celebrate your craft?

To read more about National Quilt Day, visit here.