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Snuggle and Read

It’s ‘Hearty’

One of my book club friends had a significant birthday, so of course a small lap quilt was the go! Just the thing to snuggle up with a good book during these cold winter months.

’Pink’ is her favourite colour, and with that start, it was off to the stash to find – luckily – enough fabrics for the task. As the birthday was imminent, it needed to be a quick simple design. Squares and rectangles lend themselves to chain piecing for a fast sew of a pattern, easy done!

‘Snuggle and Read’ a quilt for Jo’s birthday (bookclub)

Stitching in the ditch to anchor the blocks, mmmm …, okay but needs more than that to give it another level of ‘looking’.

What quilting would suit, and which quilting rulers to use – just love this part of the process – is the challenge. Two Westalee Rulers, the small arc template and the heart template fit like a glove.

Heart template

Quilting pattern of arcs and hearts




Sari quilt (Tribes & Nations)

Sari quilt (Tribes & Nations)

Just finished reading ‘The Lowland’ by Jhumpa Lahiri, my local book club title for February. Without giving details of the story, the setting is Calcutta (now called ‘Kolkata’), mainly during the beginnings of the ‘Naxalites’. One cultural tradition caught my attention – the use of colour for saris to denote a woman’s status, in particular the wearing of white upon widowhood.

Colour plays a role in all societies and meaning changes accordingly. Patchwork quilters are always playing with colour in their unique creations, –  even when stitching the same pattern, the use of different colours appeals to different perspectives.

Sari blankets are summer quilts made from recycled saris by ‘the young women from the slums of Kolkata’ …who… ‘are empowered to begin to improve the quality of their lives’. (Tribes & Nations: Fair Trade Store & Resources – Empowering Lives) They use an allover running stitch called the ‘Kantha’ stitch, to stitch two or more layers of saris together, making reversible light weight cotton quilts.

So from old ‘Calcutta’ to modern ‘Kolkata’, linked by colour and cotton!