Did you do it too?

Like many patchworkers, I like to have a go at the newest craze that comes along. Sometimes I will go with it, sometimes I will abandon it.

Did you try out the ‘woven quilt blocks’ years ago? It was around the same time as the Simplicity bias machine was launched – yes had to have that latest gadget too! Remember the pattern books – they were all written in … not English, never the less, still had a go.

DH obligingly made up a large padded board so I could make a big woven block – and that’s where it stopped.

Why did I abandon that craze? Very time consuming to make the bias – even with the machine and fiddly weaving – until the routine and pattern emerged.

Yes it makes for a lovely intricate 16″ block – but not for a whole quilt! So that craze became an abandoned project. Until now.

This year’s ‘Finish UFO’s and I don’t start anything new unless something for it is in the stash’ sent me hunting first for whatever UFO was small and quick to finish. Buried in the pile is this one, it just needed some binding – yay!

DH’s comment “Pity you didn’t make it into a cushion to sit on in the Golf’ was received with a silent smile. Oh dear – I suppose I could have done that. Hang on a minute – it’s my patchwork, and I just wanted to finish it!

'Hidden Creatures' by RobynsPatch

‘Hidden Creatures’ by RobynsPatch

The luminescent tiny insects pop out from behind a woven strip – hence the name. 

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