Daily Archives: January 18, 2015

Now where is it …?

UFO's also sorted!

UFO’s also sorted!

Oh, woke up and just knew I was in the mood for some sorting and tidying up! Two days later and the UFO’s are in their boxes, labelled and stored – with thanks to DH who suggested and put up extra shelves in his / our shed. Well it did help to give him back some of his space after-all! Threads were first because that task was just about already complete. The ‘Signatures’, the ‘Aurafils’, the ‘Wonderfils’, the ‘King Stars’ from ‘Embroidery Source’, and the ‘Mettlers’ – all protected from dust and at hand!

Threads sorted by brand.

Threads sorted by brand.

Fabric here, there, and everywhere! As I’m a fan of Joen Wolfrom’s colour theory, the fat quarters and bigger pieces are sorted into the 24 colours. This highlights colours I’ve used and the colours that are missing from the palette. Themed fabrics and panels have their own space on the shelves.

All sorted - yay!

All sorted – yay!

After looking at all those UFO boxes, where do I start? What approach do you think works best?